About Us

Mathematics Lecturer Turned Woman Entrepreneur

MCS, Udhampur is proudly led by a Woman Entrepreneur

Mrs. Annu Kapoor

- 2 Master Degrees in Maths
- 20+ Years Teaching Maths to Students
- One Maths Textook (currently in Draft)

With a mission to foster Mathematics Literacy in children from a early age, she started a franchise of MY CHHOTA SCHOOL. With her expertise in Teaching to students for 20+ years, She chose the best preschool out there. Starting a preschool & teaching is her way of giving back to the community. She only teaches a small batch of kids due to her firm firm belief in quality over quantity. Apart from the Preshool, she is also in process of writing her maths textbook and preparing a curriculum for her Maths Club (Launching Soon).

Our Mission

We believe in the ability to improve the quality of life of the individuals and families across the city.

Our Vision

Our vision for Early Years is based upon the premise that every child receives the very best education.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a teacher-guided, balanced approach establishes an excellent educational foundation.