Programs We Offer

Our exclusive curricula, combined with our own digital lesson planning tool, enable teachers to create personalized learning experiences, appropriate to every age group.


Pre Nursery

- Hands on discovery and exploration with exclusive Study kits.
- Developing language skills.
- Encouraging learning of new age skills.
- Engaging children physically, emotionally and socially.
- Shaping scientific thought in children.



- Imparts essential life skills.
- Enhances learning and interaction through fun with exclusive Study kits.
- Cultivates creativity & Develops curiosity.
- Improves imagination through Art and Music.


Lower Kindergarten

- Special activities for developing language skills.
- Age appropriate learning with exclusive Study learning tools.
- Encourages children to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings.
- Allows children to grow at their own pace.


Upper Kindergarten

- Building & enhancing vocabulary.
- Developing attention span.
- Innovative methods to enhance reading & writing with exclusive Study Kits.
- Preparing children for primary school.